Blood Sisters

Nomi is an award-winning Director who loves original, fresh and funny content and loves being a dynamic part of a creative team.

Her directing career began in theatre, directing at The Monday Lizard at The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, and writing and directing award winning plays at The Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. Nomi wrote and directed an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth for young people commissioned by Waterstones as well as four award winning plays at The EIFF; off Broadway New York hits, “The Karaoke Show” and “The Donkey Show” and her own plays “Internal Nudity” and “Uncast” which won The Telegraph and Guardian award respectively for Best Black Comedy.

Nomi took her theatre directing and acting experience and transitioned into directing film and television. Nomi also wrote and directed a music video for Roman Coppola’s company, The Director’s Bureau.

In February 2022, her short film Blood Sisters was premiered at the Los Angeles Independent Women’s Film Awards where she won the prizes for Best Female Director and Best Narrative Short. Blood Sisters went on to win two coveted prizes at The Prague International Film Festival, awarding Nomi with Best Female Director and picking up a Best Ensemble Cast award for her talented young Cast.