First Bus - 'Know How' - Absolutely Catulous
First Bus - 'Know How' - Bear Holding it Together
First Bus - 'Know How' - Live Stream Tracker
First Bus - 'Know How' - No Ones Perfect
First Bus - 'How to'
IRN BRU - Winter Football Kit
Mcintosh - 'Mr Wilson's Car'
BBC Short Stuff – 'E for Endescopy'
BBC Short Stuff – 'Football Dad'
Range Rover ‘Art in nature’
IKEA - 'The big home re-boot'
Leica ‘Celebration of Photography’

Alessio lived in Shanghai for 10 years where he worked with brands such as Disney, BMW, Range Rover, Leica, Panasonic and Logitec. His work would regularly take him all over mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan.

Since returning to his hometown of Glasgow in 2020 he has has directed work for brands including Irn Bru, Ikea, McIntosh, and ScotGov,

With a strong focus on short form comedy performance narrative, In 2021 he wrote and directed BBC Scotland’s most popular sketch for their online platform, Short Stuff which lead to him writing and directing his first sitcom for BBC iPlayer, Islelanders.